Rob Cornell

Author of dark fantasy, horror, and crime fiction
Darker Things Cover

Once employed by a shadowy government agency to battle paranormal threats, Craig Lockman has spent the last fifteen years in forced retirement. But when a teen girl shows up at his door claiming she’s his daughter, he quickly ends up back in the fight…because she has unwittingly led Lockman’s most hated enemy straight to him.

Forced on the run, he struggles to protect the girl from an onslaught of nightmarish creatures, all working for his vicious rival. It soon becomes clear if he wants to put an end to the carnage, Lockman must strike back and finally defeat a man more evil than any of the horrors he commands.

Fans of Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim will love Darker Things, the first book in a high-octane supernatural suspense series guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seat through every terrifying twist.

“…fast-moving, violent, dark, and engrossing. Highly recommended.” – J.D. Rhoades, author of The Devil’s Right Hand

Reminiscent of Dean Koontz, Clive Barker, and all my old-school horror favorites, Darker Things is a phenomenal start to a dark fiction series.” – Travis Luedke

The Agency taught him how to fight monsters, not a war. How to protect his country, not those he loved. How to kill, not how to live.

Now Craig Lockman faces a legion of vampires led by a self-proclaimed vampire king. Never before have these creatures amassed in such great numbers. Their goal is uncertain. Their reach unknown.

And while Lockman’s training can help in the battle against this dark legion, nothing can prepare him for the sacrifice he must make in order to defeat its king.

This thrilling follow-up to Darker Things doesn’t stop delivering wicked twists until the very last page. Don’t wait a second longer. Grab your copy of Dark Legion now!

Craig Lockman has always protected the world from evil. Battled wicked creatures with an unquenchable thirst to destroy our world. Stood against the darkest of the darker things.

Now his most dreaded enemy lurks closer than ever before.

It’s a horror he’s not prepared—much less equipped—to fight. And if he doesn’t prevail, the future of everyone he loves will fall into darkness.

For the first time in his life, Lockman feels afraid.

He is about to face his darkest hour.

One objective has driven Craig Lockman since the day his daughter arrived on his doorstep—protect her at all costs.

But now he works for a new Agency with a leader who insists Jessie is the Chosen One, prophesied to bring about the Return and send all supernaturals back to wherever they came from. He will stop at nothing to see it realized.

Meanwhile, still enraged over the loss of her sister, Teresa Stevenson sees Jessie as a dangerous monster who must die, and Teresa will suffer a frightening sacrifice to make it happen.

But everyone has forgotten one small detail—if anyone wants to get to Jessie, they’ll have to get through Lockman first, and he won’t make it easy.

Three years after the wolves tore Jessie Lockman’s world to shreds, she continues to carry the burden of a prophecy only she possesses the power to fulfill.

Yet, while the prophecy chose her, it must have chosen wrong.

For every monster she banishes from the mortal plane, hundreds of thousands remain. Even with the help of the formidable Agency, tasked with combating paranormal threats, Jessie can’t imagine completing such an impossible mission.

Meanwhile, a host of new foes gathers, each with their own agenda, all of them a threat to the Return, one of them determined to brutally murder Jessie.

None of that, however, compares to an old, familiar enemy, whose plans for Jessie will have her begging for death.

Darkening Dawn marks the stunning conclusion to this twist-filled dark fantasy series, The Lockman Chronicles.